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Wrongful Death Lawyer Ottawa

The wrongful death lawyers at Insurance Lawyer Ottawa understand that when you have experienced the tragic loss of a family member, nothing can replace the life of a loved one. We can, however, help your family to honour their memory and allow the healing to begin through the pursuit of rightful compensation.

Our aim is to provide the support of helping professionals at a time of crisis, to reduce stress, eliminate financial strain after loss of income, and to put value on the priceless companionship and care your family must now do without.
In the event of a devastating accident caused by the willful or unintentional action of another person, a wrongful death lawyer can help surviving family during a time of confusion and loss. Your partner at Insurance Lawyer Ottawa can provide access to any necessary grief and relationship counselling, as well as guide legal proceedings and co-ordinate the details of required insurance paperwork.

Our skilled team brings both expertise and compassion to your case, understanding that the process of a wrongful death claim can be difficult to manage when recovering from a traumatic experience, and that your loss is both emotional and economical. Above all, your wrongful death lawyers serve the memory of your loved one as your trusted advisor and committed advocate, at a time when your life has been changed and your rights and benefits may be compromised.

Understanding Our Law Firm’s Wrongful Death Claims Process

When you have lost a loved one through fatal accident or injury due to the intentional or negligent actions of another person, an experienced wrongful death lawyer can assist you with the complex and often stressful legal process of recovery.

At Insurance Lawyer Ottawa, we can determine if you have a case for a wrongful death claim, which is a civil action unrelated to criminal charges. Your argument must meet a set of specific requirements in order for you and your family to be entitled to wrongful death compensation; our role as attorneys is one that provides you with the resources and representation necessary to determine if and how you should proceed with a lawsuit.

Though many cases are settled outside of the court system, our wrongful death lawyers have the experience before judge and jury to ask the right questions and present your case in a thorough and thoughtful manner.

Contingency-based Fee Agreement For Wrongful Death Litigation

When our wrongful death law firm takes on your case, we also take on the related financial burden of the action. Our valued clients are not subject to the upfront and hourly charges that may inhibit communication and progress; you simply will not owe legal fees until you have received compensation.

A wrongful death lawyer at Insurance Lawyer Ottawa will discuss with you at the time of retainer our policy regarding a contingency-based fee agreement wherein you do not pay us legal fees until your case is successfully settled. We are confident that our unique combination of expertise and experience related to wrongful death litigation will work for you.

If your wrongful death claim does not resolve to your advantage and financial award, our services are without cost.