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There is a standard of care owed to you by the manufacturer, distributor, designer, or retailer to ensure that they do not allow a defective and dangerous product into your hands. Defective or dangerous products are those manufactured products that do not meet the ordinary, safe expectation of their users. This can often result in serious personal injury or death.

This can occur in many ways such as design flaws, mistakes in the manufacturer and similar defects. Some examples include electronic devices and or appliances that overheat and combust, mechanical failure in vehicles and recently, unsafe toy and food products. There has been a growing concern in North America with respect to unsafe toy products for children and toddlers. As a result, many popular toys have been recalled due to lead and choking hazards. Furthermore, government agencies that regulate the safety standards of food products have also seen a surge in the recall of unsafe food items due to contamination caused by bacteria or the use of chemicals not permitted by Canadian standards. Whether it is caused by a manufacturer, distributor, retailer and or seller, at Insurance Lawyer Ottawa, we undertake a careful and aggressive investigation by hiring experienced experts who can identify the problem and the parties responsible to ensure that you receive fair and reasonable compensation.

If you or someone you love has experienced a life-changing accident, attorneys at Insurance Lawyer Ottawa can provide the practical assistance and essential resources you need to move forward with your product liability claim, and with your life.