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Chronic Pain Lawyers Ottawa

If you or someone you care about is suffering from accident-related chronic pain, compensation may be available. At Insurance Lawyer Ottawa, our team of experienced personal injury lawyers provides access to necessary medical care, decodes your insurance policy, and protects your family and financial security by seeking a just and favorable settlement.

When your injuries are imperceptible to those around you, the added barriers you may face can appear to be nearly insurmountable. While cuts and scrapes heal over time, chronic pain as a result of car accident injuries or other acts of negligence by another person is often difficult to quantify. It is, however, very real. At Insurance Lawyer Ottawa, we understand the obstacles our clients may have to encounter due to the nature of their injuries, and the negative impacts that chronic pain and fatigue may have on family, work, and social life.

Chronic pain and fatigue can rob you of the full life you deserve to live. At Insurance Lawyer Ottawa, our dedicated team of caring individuals works together with the helping professionals that can ease your road ahead after an accident, injury, or medical malpractice injury. Lawyers at our Ottawa Law Firm have experience in personal injury law, and understand the challenges unique to issues of chronic pain. Our lawyers can assist you by providing access to any necessary medical and rehabilitative care, and by protecting your loved ones through the pursuit of compensation for your injuries to which you and any dependent family may be entitled.

No Fees Until We Are Successful

As the name suggests, dealing with chronic pain and fatigue often requires more than a fast fix. At Insurance Lawyer Ottawa, we are committed to providing our clients with ongoing support throughout a lengthy legal process and beyond. When you align with our chronic pain lawyers, our team finances your case without the typical hourly and upfront rates that can hinder communication and progress. Instead, we operate on the basis of a contingency-based fee agreement, discussed at the time of retainer, wherein we receive a percentage of monies recovered once your case has been resolved and you have received chronic pain compensation. We are confident that our proven strategies will get you results: if your case does not return a financial award, our services are free of charge.