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When a catastrophic injury happens, your life is forever changed. Affected Ontario residents must now face even more uncertainty. With recent budget cuts of 50% to necessary medical, rehabilitation and attendant care benefits by the provincial government , your right to equitable compensation will be significantly compromised. Simply put; without proper representation, your benefits are at risk. While the public service plans to change the definition of catastrophic injury to one that favours insurance companies over families, Insurance Lawyer Ottawa continues to deliver the dedicated support that works to protect what matters most. For those people dealing with the (approximate) 1% of accidents resulting in catastrophic injury, trauma of this more permanent nature makes returning to normal activities and employment a challenge, or in many cases, impossible for a prolonged amount of time. When you or a loved one has experienced damage to the brain or spinal cord, serious bone fractures, and the severe emotional distress that comes with it, practical and compassionate guidance is needed more than ever. When you align with Insurance Lawyer Ottawa, you gain the advantage of crucial access to medical and rehabilitative care, experienced counsel and effective advocacy that fights for fair compensation for you and your loved ones.

Protecting The Rights Of You & Your Family After Catastrophic Injury

An Insurance Lawyer Ottawa catastrophic injury lawyer understands that when you or someone you care about has sustained severe physical and emotional harm, a healthy recovery and the resources to get there mean everything. At Insurance Lawyer Ottawa, our experienced team has assisted Ontarians who have endured a major trauma or tragic accident to secure the compensation they need to protect themselves, their families, and to ultimately move forward in their recovery. Whatever the circumstances, whether car accident or slip and fall accident, you and your family need qualified assistance without the financial burden. Our firm understands that upfront and hourly legal costs can be prohibitive at a time when you may be unable to work, and future income may be compromised. At Insurance Lawyer Ottawa, you do not pay legal fees until your case is successfully resolved. As part of a contingency-based fee agreement, discussed at the time of retainer, payment will consist of a percentage of monies recovered; and, as always, should your case not result in financial gain, you do not owe us a cent. When you partner with Insurance Lawyer Ottawa, our catastrophic injury lawyers give you access to the medical and rehabilitation treatment necessary to start your journey towards recovery. Our goal is to relieve some of the stress you are feeling by taking on related co-ordination tasks and assigning to you a treatment team including social worker and/or case manager who assist with the navigation of a complex process, step by step.

Catastrophic Injury Ontario Claims & Benefits

Call Insurance Lawyer Ottawa before you call the insurance company. We can help you through the catastrophic injury claims process, and effectively present your case to secure the benefits and compensation to which you and your family may be entitled. If your disability benefits have been delayed or denied, we act to defend your rights and pursue for you the financial award you need and deserve to rebuild after catastrophic injury.

Lawyers are not all alike. At Insurance Lawyer Ottawa, we understand the issues that you and your family are facing, and work hard to obtain for you the restitution and remuneration that will ease the recovery process. Most personal injury claims are resolved during negotiation; however, in the unlikely event that your case may go to trial, your catastrophic injury attorney acts as your skilled representation before the court.