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Cycling is not just fun on the weekend but it’s a great way to incorporate exercise into your daily commute. For those with concerns about the environment, biking is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Also, with the rising costs of owning a vehicle or using public transport, more people are taking to the roads and making cycling their main mode of transport. Your health and your wallet will thank you for this choice!
While it is a great low impact activity, cycling is not without its risks. You might find that the roads in your neighborhood are not especially friendly to cyclists; whether that means inconsiderate drivers and pedestrians or poor networks of dedicated paths, trails, and bike lanes. Accidents happen. Our team at Insurance Lawyer Ottawa are experts in bike accident claims.

We help cyclists get bicycle accident compensation for a variety of accidents and injuries resulting from dooring, direct contact, and collision with cars, and poor or faulty infrastructure such as potholes. Our team of experienced lawyers will take the time to gather all relevant evidence pertaining to your case. We will detail the facts surrounding your bicycle accident and the lawyers and investigators assigned to your case will gather any eyewitness accounts when we develop a strategy for your case. As with our motor vehicle accident victims, we will help all injured cyclists get access to medical and rehabilitative care to aid in their recovery. Since many injuries are not immediately evident, we will be vigilant in monitoring your health throughout the process. We can help injured cyclists obtain the bicycle accident compensation they deserve in a quick and efficient manner.